Camera Work


Extensive experience in run & gun, observational, event coverage and interview filming. Modest experience in narrative and studio work. Current kit includes a Sony NEX FS100, Canon Lenses, Atomos Ninja2, Sennheisser Radio and Boom Mic, Zoom H6, Go Pro and Gadgets

Post Production


15 years experience in Final Cut Pro
Skilled in Adobe Premier Pro,
After Effects, Motion 5 and Photoshop.


High Definition livestream provided using Wirecast software and You Tube. A strong in-house internet signal (50MBs or more) is required for me to be able to provide this service.

Clients, Employees and Campaigns

Recent News


Power Cubes at Occupy

Last week, Occupy London (OL) celebrated the fifth anniversary of its inception on the grounds of St. Paul’s. Like 15M (Spain) before it, the Occupy movement was inspired by the Arab uprisings that had occurred earlier in 2011.   OL claimed space (Gaventa 2006) with the help of the then Canon Chancellor of St. Paul’s

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Our Democracy is Fracked Up

(Photograph above by Neil Terry) The Communities Secretary Sajid Javid, is the head of the UK Department for Communities and Local Government. His department’s remit includes decentralisation (of power) and community cohesion amongst other things. So it is decidely ironic that today he has overruled Lancashire’s Local Council decision to reject fracking in Lancashire, effectively

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This blog is about how the GoPro performs in low theatre light and a bit about my time at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. I took my Go Pro along with one set of radio mics because I was staying with a friend who was rigging a show and who wanted a record of the work.

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