Camera Work


Extensive experience in run & gun, observational, event (conference) coverage and interview filming. Modest experience in narrative and studio work. Current kit includes a Sony NEX FS100, Canon Lenses, Atomos Ninja2, Sennheisser Radio and Boom Mic, Zoom H6, Go Pro and Gadgets

Post Production


15 years experience in Final Cut Pro.
Skilled in Adobe Premier Pro, FCP X, and Photoshop.

Moderatley skilled in Motion Graphics. Enough to do fancy titles but not motion graphic extravaganzas!


High Definition livestream provided using Wirecast software and You Tube. A strong in-house internet signal (50MBs or more) is required for me to be able to provide this service.

Clients, Employees and Campaigns

Recent News

Protected: Activism and the Grenfell Fire

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Brexit, Trump and now a General Election

On May 31st, Cambridge, UK. the representatives of 6 political parties in the 2017 General Election were generally erect and united under the colours of the rainbow. Go figure! Theresa May called the general election and is now closeted.  She must have partied hard one night , tripped out on ‘Ride (right) on Time” called

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Fracking – Coming To Your Town …. soon

How does fracking come to your village? Adela Pickles tells us how she discovered that her hometown got licensed to the Third Energy Company for unconventional energy excavation and what the group she helped found, Frack Free Rydale are doing about it. Adela also talks about about the government process in selling off a third

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