Brexit, Trump and now a General Election

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Brexit, Trump and now a General Election

On May 31st, Cambridge, UK. the representatives of 6 political parties in the 2017 General Election were generally erect and united under the colours of the rainbow. Go figure!

Theresa May called the general election and is now closeted.  She must have partied hard one night , tripped out on ‘Ride (right) on Time” called the election while whooping and swirling her nylons high above her head…..and in the morning light, far away from that pill and vodka..she cannot believe she has to talk to other people about it. All she really has communicated to us about the costings of her manifesto, is that  she does not put the garbage out, her husband does. Fascinating. The mind mush of the morning after.


MAYbe she is right. MAYbe this is the right time for an election, one that can evict her old fashioned, obsolete market ideology, neo liberal subservance out of our lives once and for all. Corbyn is offering a difference. A wild difference. Nevertheless  I invariably prefer listening to Lucas speak than Corbyn.  Something about her is just perfect, .except that she leads the Green Party who are a few years away from leading this country (unfortunately) . Something about the way he speaks … puts me to sleep and when he gets forecful.. its sounds angry and that has the effect of boring me.



David Cameron , Boris Johnson, Tony Blair and Nick Farage are are the kind of leaders who spoke well and created disasters. So I am not easily put off by Corbyn’s lack of the gift of the gab, and will not extend lip service that he is ‘improving’. He still manages to make me drift although I agree with everything he eventually says.


To put things in perspective I come from the relatively radical view that to lead is to facilitate everyone’s wishes into principled actions and progress from there…..and to facilitate well is to actively listen. An exercise that is not for the faint hearted and Corbyn fits this frame like his suits finally do!  So I am quite partial to his brand of leadership but it does take some work from those who he is leading to notice that his tactics are not the macho bravado bullshit that has led the developed world into a dystopian corporate run mess, but more so a cautious, tenacious step into new territory for the UK: that of sustainability that does not include raping and pillaging foreign lands. Its a tall order and his enemies are huge.

I rule by serving. I serve by ruling.

Excerpt from the description of the Emperor from Aliester Crowley Tarot Handbook.




Interestingly, Corbyn’s ability to negotiate with his party was what Jeremy Paxman bizarrely implied was fickle in his vacuous attempt to confront Corbyn on Labour’s manifesto. It was fascinating to observe the irony of  Jeremy Paxman accusing Corbyn for effectively not being the stubborn, unrelenting, socialist-troksky-commie that the main stream media (ie Paxman) had painted him to be. When it became obvious just how vacuous his line of questions were, Paxman just talked over Corbyn’s responses. Twat!


My contribution to all this was to paint a banner and hang it on Portabello road. All I feel I can do is canvas and pray that the Strong and Stable slogan of Theresa May is understood as the dark joke that it is.

Non Voters

Not voting is not disruptive, or a statement. It is tantamount to floating in a bay of sharks instead of wearing goggles to ensure that you swim away from them. For activists who actively fight the system, I can imagine their egos trip them up, as they consider their work to be changing the world rather than changing the bubble they live in, all be it increasing in size. As non voters they clearly fail to see that their work united with established government is what will excel thier work into the main stream.  For those, however who do nothing more than blog, tweet, and consume alternative news (if that) their non participation is an inexcusable abomination or as Castells 2013 implies, they are ‘selfish parasites of history making’. I myself would go a few steps further and condemn them to no healthcare, no schools and no passport. Fuck ’em. Their lack of will to participate in society, to just been spoon fed like toddlers, should result in them now being allowed to be a part of society. Their petulant sloth should be sanctioned. I have much more disdain for them than I do for people who wildly disagree with my politics. Their nothingness deserves nothing. I don’t believe they know what nothing is and I would be only too happy to show them.



I have also been filming with Real Media who have sought the analysis and advise of learned folk about the election.  Watch any one of these videos for a reason among many as to why you should not vote Tory! 🙂

Real Media Website


One I did not film but is awesome:

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