Feature Documentaries

Inka Stafrace is the director-producer (editor and camera) of the following two feature documentaries.


In production 2016.

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HOPE IN A SLINGSHOT (2008)(2010)


This is an eloquent and passionate story that brings a necessary human dimension to a highly politicised crisis. Australian filmmaker Inka Stafrace courageously journeys through Israeli military incursions in the West Bank to discover for herself some of the human truths behind this devastating issue that holds the world in divide.

Hope in a Slingshot is the only Australian film ever to be accepted for broadcast by the ABC of Australia and to be later fully censored!


HOPE IN A SLINGSHOT from Ronin Films on Vimeo.



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Tense at St.Pauls - An Occupy London film (in the final stages of production 2017), follows the ideology, the passion and the dilemmas of the Occupy London movement through the eyes of ten of its protaganists including the filmmaker as it was camped on the grounds of St.Paul's Cathedral. --------------------------------------------- Giles Fraser recalls the start as a carnival atmosphere and activist Jules sums up the journey as "We were shifting from being a positive media influence and being somewhere that people wanted to come and want to experience to some kind of scenario for mad Max which had no clear objective and existed only to says sustain itself" --------------------------------------------- The internal conflicts experienced in Occupy London are common in all large movements and many activists who lived through Occupy received a valuable education in social change. This film aims to share such lessons. -------------------------------------------- Stay Tuned: Like the Facebook; Follow the Twitter; Support Indie filmmaking!

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