Fracking – Coming To Your Town …. soon

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Fracking – Coming To Your Town …. soon

How does fracking come to your village?
Adela Pickles tells us how she discovered that her hometown got licensed to the Third Energy Company for unconventional energy excavation and what the group she helped found, Frack Free Rydale are doing about it. Adela also talks about about the government process in selling off a third of the UK to the BIG 6 energy companies and what you can do to help stop the madness.

Stats from the recording to remember:
26,000 clean energy jobs have been lost as a consequence of the government’s decision to stop subsidising clean energy initiatives.

I met Adela on the 29th October at the Stop Barclays Fracking action outside a Barclays bank in Soho. The action was part of a week long actions up and down the country to highlight that Barclays is deeply invested in fracking. On that Saturday the activists had shut down the bank by the time I got there for a hot cup of tea and biscuits that they were giving out for all particpants in the peaceful assembly outside Barclays. I edited together a short audio piece while I was there





Frack Free Ryedale website –


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Frackogram 2016 (maps relationships between government, academia, finance and the oil and gas industry) –


Fracking Nightmare Youtube channel –


UK PEDL Licences –


Infrastructure Act 2015 Part 1A “Maximizing Economic Recovery of UK Petroleum” –


Kevin Hollinrake MP –

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