Global Network Of Disaster Reduction

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Global Network Of Disaster Reduction


The Global Network of Disaster Risk Reduction commissioned me to make a short video celebrating their formation and achievements for their 10th Year Anniversary.

I liaisoned with Jesus Cordero who supplied me with a comprehensive time line timetable of what needed to be highlighted for the video. There was a great deal to pack into the 5 minutes they initially requested.

The first thing I did was provide the clients with a work flow document on how I planned to approach the production of the video along with 3 separate quotes in line with the different options I could offer. Once they accepted and having learnt from my experience with the Financial Innovation Lab I sourced 7 pieces of music that I thought would work giving them the choice to choose before editing one clip into it. I also gave them the choice of 3 After Effects templates because their budget could not afford the designing of one. We settled for this one, the back-end support for which, I was yet to discover, was second to none. Instant and generously helpful. We then agreed on a colour scheme in line with their brand’s colours.

Both Jesus and I agreed that a narrator was important so I interviewed Marcus Oxley in a meeting room at their offices in Teddington carrying all my gear in a trolley!

Other than the interview I relied completely on footage and images that they had. In the early days of their formation they did not prioritise self promotion through images or video so it was a struggle to cover that time adequately but the After Effects template came in handy for padding the way. I was however bombarded with source footage from the rest of their 10 years and this was probably the hardest part of making the video. Not purely because of the volume but because of the mistake of believing that it was viable to view it all on Dropbox and just download what I would use. We even then tried to use Google Drive but the sheer number of folders and files and doubles ups from the folks in Teddington was a tad maddening!

If nothing else, the take home from this production is to have the client provide all the footage on a hard drive (whoever’s hard drive it does not matter) before the edit begins. Ideally the client culls the source footage down, which Jesus did to some degree, but with a conference less than a week away, there pressure was on to do the best we all could do.

The video was made for their 4th Global Summit which was held in Cancun, Mexico and I was happy to hear from Jesus through an email that “We had a successful time while in Mexico and people loved the video…Pleasure to work with you and even more to have met you in person.” which was just lovely 🙂

Happy days. Great client and I am pleased with the video, which ended up being 7 minutes long.

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