Social Justice Issues

Global Network of Disaster Risk Reduction (GNDR)

GNDR commissioned me to make a short video celebrating their formation and achievements for their 10th Year Anniversary. The interview was shot on the Sony NEX FS100 and edited in Adobe Premier Pro with a hacked After Effects template.


Grassroots Initiatives

Occupy Democracy commissioned me to make 4 x ‘talking head’ promotional videos each about a hot NGO/activist driven campaign that highlighted some glaring weakness in our current democracy. As the producer director I worked in close collaboration with activist organizers Maria Sanders and George Barda. This series was shot on the Sony NEX FS100 and edited in Final Cut Pro 7 with a hacked Motion 4 template.


This was shot using a Go Pro hooked up to an Atomos Ninja 2 and an H4N Zoom which had a radio mic and boom mic hooked up to it. I was quite proud of the set up. It was a lot lighter than my normal kit and I have since adopted it as my go to kit for demonstrations.


A commissioned piece for the Real News.

Want to promote your campaign? Please do not hesitate to give me a call. 07848677804

Invasion Day March Australia

Australia has a black history. Invasion Day march bursts into the Australia Day march. Shot on Sony NEXFS100 with Sennheiser radio mics. (2015).

DPAC Action

Disabled People Against Cuts occupy Westminster Abbey gardens.

Occupy London Evictions

The eviction of Occupy London from the grounds of St.Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London. For more on the feature documentary of Occupy London that I am making…

Conflict Zone Show Reel

This show reel is shot mainly on my trusty Sony PD150 which is standard definition so the resolution is not the greatest but still worthy of showing my experience from 2006-2013

Website Feature

This film was made for the Alternative Information Centre in Bethlehem, Occupied Palestinian Territories (2011)and involved the worst attack of tear gas I have ever experienced (2011)

Website Feature

Inside Itamar

A young Israeli settler family was murdered in their home in Itamar.(2011)