Inka started making videos over 20 years ago as an extension of her activism and campaign work. Her support for various campaigns such as alternative housing and queer rights in the 90s, Palestine in the early 2000s, Occupy, Occupy Democracy and NoTTIP are testimony to her motivation for social justice through the medium of film. Inka started being commissioned to make films about 10 years ago and has since been employed by a wide variety of clients ranging from Deloitte to War on Want.

Inka has a natural flare for story telling and a talent in teaching and this informs and excels her video work making it engaging, informative and entertaining. As a trained audio visual technician (RMIT 1993) she is adept to new software and film making tools and is innovative in her use of them. Apart from being technically savvy Inka brings creativity to serious topics to ensure that the inherent message is conveyed effectively and received usefully. Her work shows a dedication to the creative arc, most popular in storytelling and just as important in any kind of information exchange. She is proficient in Premier, After Effects and Photoshop and highly skilled in Final Cut Pro legacy.

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Inka Stafrace

Inka Stafrace

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