Feature Documentaries

Inka Stafrace is the director-producer of the following two feature documentaries:

You Can’t Evict An Idea – Occupy London on Flm

You Can’t Evict An Idea reveals how the belief in leaderless groups and 100% consensus decision making develops and matures in 12 occupiers including the filmmaker, via their experience of Occupy London, the most influential protest in Britain this century.

For more information please visit the film’s dedicated website

Hope In A Slingshot

This is an eloquent and passionate story that brings a necessary human dimension to a highly politicised crisis. Australian filmmaker Inka Stafrace courageously journeys through Israeli military incursions in the West Bank to discover for herself some of the human truths behind this devastating issue that holds the world in divide.

Hope In A Slingshot can be viewed on

Video on Demand,Kanopy & BeamaFilm


Hope in a Slingshot is the only Australian film ever to be accepted for broadcast by the ABC of Australia and to be later fully censored!

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